Still Shy VIP (Single)

by ArtAttack

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released 29 April 2012
ArtAttack, Metajoker, Princess Addictia, Silva Hound



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Track Name: Still Shy VIP (Princess Addictia Remix)
I have changed
I have grown
Now I am
On my own
Knowing now
What is right
I am free
In the light.
Open eyes
Opened heart
Of the world
Now a part
Take a breath
Take a chance
Take a leap
So entranced

You can't take my hope, my quest, my dream
To fly,
To soar free, forever in the sky
With my new found bravery I will get by
So much stronger than before yet knowing I'm
Still Shy


(Verse 2)
Open air
On my face
As the clouds
I embrace
Perfect bliss
Terror gone
As my soul
Bursts in song

Ahhh (vocal section)


You will understand
When you see the sky so grand.
There's no more need to cry
I'm finally alive
Knowing I'm
Still shy. (x2)